Pam Tooley-Garcia

Pam TooleyFor 25+ years I have been fortunate to work in various aspects of travel. I still enjoy the thrill of helping passengers reserve tours that best suit their needs and expectations. Tours that take them to places they’ve only dreamed of.

My first experience in Hospitality was as a teen working at my parents’ tourist lodge. At the age of 17, I took my first international flight (on Wardair, no less) and from there my love for travel was set.

Since then I’ve visited numerous countries and have enjoyed the diversity of air, cruise and rail travel. Through Air Canada and SwissAir, I circumvented the globe in 7 days with stops in Vancouver, Hong Kong and London. I’ve cruised European destinations as well as sailed on bare boat cruises in the Caribbean. I’ve visited Machu Picchu and Marrakech by rail and I have also criss-crossed through wine country in Europe and South America.

My hobbies and interests include yoga, tennis, Formula 1 racing (watching, not participating in), and museums.

I am thrilled to be back working with Debbie at The Travel Broker. I am also looking forward to the excitement and satisfaction of planning and touring with a variety of inspiring travellers.

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