Sharman Yarnell-Massey

Sharman2It all started with my older sister who was an airline hostess. She took me with her on trips when I was out of school. So from a very early age, I learned to love airports - yes…I love airports, along with flying and foreign food! I have wonderful memories of exploring Denmark, Holland, Sweden, and Germany with her. All before I was 12 years old!

I also love the Arts - especially theatre and writing. I have been blessed with being able to meld all that I love in life into a career.

I have worked professionally in television, radio, and theatre for over thirty years. I co-hosted The Chris Robinson Travel Show and the highly¬ rated Showtime on CJAD (Bell Media) on Sunday afternoons. I have written Travel Articles and Theatre reviews and contribute to the popular travel-themed web page, vacay,ca, as well as Urban Expressions (the Gazette).

Born and raised in Montreal, I spent much of my time in England and Ireland (I have an Irish passport as well as Canadian). Supporting my other loves, writing, and theatre, I have a BFA and a certificate in Journalism from Concordia University. I studied at The Banff School of Fine Arts in Canada, and also at The London Drama Studio and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

As a travel writer, I have visited and taken part in numerous Press Tours across the world. I am so privileged, not only to have been introduced to many of a country’s well-known spots but also to have discovered those little known treasures, those gems that remain hidden if one isn’t a bit adventurous.

Just a few of the places I have loved: Ireland with its sleepy villages and warm people. Prince Edward Island where I kayak and revel in long walks along its red shores. Salem where I have interviewed witches and taken part in the Magic Circle on All Hallows Eve. England where I am far too well known on the Beatles Trail and parts north. And London… with its West End theatres. France - the winding streets of Paris, Avignon and Nice. North Africa where I travelled with a Bedouin Caravan on the Sahara is very special to me. Colorado and horseback riding in the National Sand Dune Park….and New York, where I escape to whenever I can, to indulge in another of my passions, the Broadway Musical. (“The most beautiful words in the English language.” Jerry Orbach - 42nd Street )

I look forward to sharing some exciting tours with you: Perhaps a walk through Switzerland’s breathtaking hills and towns. Or maybe a London and Paris jaunt - sticky toffee pudding and croissant? How about a special trip to my New York for the lights, stores, the Rockettes and, you guessed it…theatre. Dare to dream, dare to do.


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