The benefits of a Yoga Retreat

Time to refresh, recharge and relax…

yoga class costa ricaI went on my first yoga retreat two years ago. Eight ladies, all with different backgrounds with one common thread - yoga!

As a beginner with hardly any experience with yoga at all, I thought to myself - what am I going to do? I really wanted to go and experience all that the retreat had to offer, but thought the other ladies were, in my eyes, yogis. But I just bit the bullet and thought I will go and “wing-it”. To my surprise and delight, most of the other ladies were in the same boat as me - wanting to get away for something new with like-minded people, somewhere to relax, unwind and let go and who also had no prior experience with yoga at all. 

 sunriseMy no-experience-necessary-yoga-retreat let me cultivate two things I am now passionate about - travelling and yoga. My first yoga retreat was to a place I longed to visit, Sri Lanka. The beauty, the people, the food and culture were beyond my expectations. The yoga every morning at sunrise in the newly built yoga shala, that was blessed by a local monk when we arrived, was a humbling yet magical experience.

My second yoga retreat was in Tanzania, another location on my “bucket-list”. Like Sir Lanka, it was a place of beauty, culture and spectacular sights. The early morning yoga with Mount Kilimanjaro in the backdrop was another magical moment for me. 



view yoga deckBeginning each day with peace and tranquility was something I felt would benefit anyone and everyone from beginner to yogis, so I encourage all to let yourself experience the joy and tranquility of travelling on a yoga retreat.

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