Is this a new woman’s travel trend? Tours that blend me-time with sightseeing? In beautiful places…like Tuscany?

blog250px italy tuscany curled road overgrown cypress trees montichielloIt seems like a new travel trend that's catching on. Small women's tours that balance time for yourself with time to see local sights in historic towns.

In the past, there have been three types of women's specialty trips:

  • The retreat where you spend the day doing meditation and self-awareness exercises
  • The active trip where you move from one hotel to another every day or so.
  • Then cruising helped bridge the gap - unpack once and stop to tour a port a day.

But we believe a new travel trend is out there and catching on FAST. The combination retreat/organized activity trip. This trip seems to be a perfect balance – travel to an amazing location, relax and have some personal time during part of each day then go out with others to explore and soak up local culture for the rest of the day.

Women who experience this type of travel feel wonderful benefits. They recapture enthusiasm, excitement and sparkle. They consider new dreams and desires as they soak in the culture of their location.

Just imagine:

  • Waking up in a quaint Tuscan farmhouse inn amongst rolling hills, quietly sipping your first coffee overlooking the view. This is the Tuscany we dream about.
  • When the time's right, join others in a country-inspired dining room for a delicious organic breakfast.
  • Then ease into a bit of meditation one day, a bit of journaling the next or discover your future desires. All in a relaxed, awe-inspiring setting.
  • For the rest of the day, you join others to visit historic walled hilltowns with charming shops, partake in local wine and food pairings, indulge in thermal spa waters, enjoy a Tuscan cooking class, gather treats at a local market for a picnic dinner, or take a stroll or bike ride through the hills.

This idyllic week offers the chance to blend with locals and become Tuscan for a week.

Trips like this are often book-ended by beginnings and endings in Rome, Florence, or Venice. You fly into one and fly out of another.

The new combination trip has it all: time to relax, regenerate, explore, see history, and experience Italian food and culture. Personally, I can't think of a better trip-of-a-lifetime and if it's an up and coming travel trend, it's one I want to jump on. 

Ask us about it. We may have just the right trip planned for you. 


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