The simple beauty of Cambodia captured my heart

blog250px cwt cambodia well dedicationIn November 2014, I set out with 13 wonderful women on a tour through Vietnam and Cambodia. We started in Hanoi, one of Asia's most fascinating cities, then continued with a Halong Bay cruise aboard a deluxe 'junk', a traditional Vietnamese sailing vessel then onto the delightful cities of Hue and Hoi An and through to Saigon. We also included Cambodia. During this wonderful tour, we visited not one but four UNESCO World Heritage sites!

In Cambodia, the magnificent Angkor Wat temples notwithstanding, what captured my heart completely was the serenity and simplicity of village life. One afternoon, we met in a rice field to watch the sunset. In preparation, our local guide went from village house to village house gathering chairs for us to sit on in the field – true community spirit. As we sat there, rice field farmers were walking home for the evening and cows passed by heading for their feed. All of these sites set against the backdrop of the setting sun. The charm of this rural setting will be forever engraved in my mind.

 ...and, even though the experiences and sites were so awe inspiring, my proudest moment of the trip was when Today's Woman Traveller donated a well to a family without running water. Now a widow with four small boys has access to clean water right at her house. The family no longer has to tote unclean water for their use.

If you've travelled with me before, you know I like to include surprises on my tours. This well donation was a complete surprise to the women I was escorting. When I let them know the day before about what we'd be doing the next morning, all of them decided that they too would collect enough amongst themselves to donate yet another well!

We donated TWO wells for one village!

blog250px cwt cambodia groupWell done ladies!! And thank you.

Founded in 2012, Clean Water for Hope helps bring hope to poor families with children in Cambodia-Siem Reap by helping them build a well for day-to-day clean water.

It's very interesting to note Cambodia was just named by TripAdvisor as the #2 top rising travel destination. And #1 is Vietnam.

We are all charmed by this beautiful country and lovely people who have been through so much. Today's Woman Traveller plans to continue with tours to both Cambodia and Vietnam.

For more information on Clean Water for Hope or to donate, visit their Facebook page. For information on Today's Woman Traveller upcoming tours, like us on Facebook or visit the Today's Woman Traveller website.

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