Best London tea stops - how does one choose?

blog250px cwt 1dorchester afternoon tea conde nast traveller 9apr13 pr 810x540I've just happened upon the most delicious list – The Best Afternoon Teas in London. They all look spectacular! I'm struggling to figure out how we'll choose next time in London. 

There are the traditional ones at Harrods, The Dorchester and The Savoy. If we're already shopping at Harrods, their time-honoured tea would be a sure winner.

Or, the Dorchester Hotel boasts a scone recipe that's been served for over 50 years. AND the Dorchester being one of the higher end hotels in London - wouldn't it be grand to have tea and find myself sitting next to Maggie Smith? Or perhaps Maggie will be at The Savoy, imbibing in their Royal Treatment tea. 


blog250px cwt 2claridges afternoon tea 810x540Claridge's also looks like an excellent choice. Though maybe I just like their china. And I also find it enticing, they have a pianist playing 1920s tunes as I sip and nibble. 





blog250px cwt 3Bus tour Tea conde nast traveller 16june14 pr 810x540One of the most original tea places on the list is the Tea Bus Tour. I can just see us cruising along with the City of London as our backdrop while eating those dainty, crust-less sandwiches. Oh, maybe not so practical - bumps on the street may result in dribbled tea. It does look so pretty though!




blog250px cwt 4TheGoring Conde Nast Travel 1440x960I think this could be the winner - Bollinger Tea at The Goring. They've been serving tea for 100 years. The Royal family goes to The Goring. This was one of the Queen Mother's favourite places and Princess Kate has even been there. Yes, I may have to say goodbye to Maggie and hello to Kate.




I invite you to come along on our annual tour - usually in May. It would be a true British experience taking tea in a few of these awe inspiring places that are 'steeped' in history.

...and here's a look at Conde Nast's full tea time list.



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