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blog250px Pienza ITI had an interesting conversation a few days ago with a lady looking to join one of our tours.  She asked me why we didn't include more meals?  I have been asked this question many times and as usual I mentioned that we always include breakfast but do not include lunches and dinners (other than frequently a welcome dinner).  Large tour groups frequently do include meals but in fact it is more a matter of logistics for the tour company to efficiently accommodate groups of 35 to 45 participants in one place at one time. 

Our groups are very small, anywhere from 6 - 16 participants so we can always find small, local restaurants and cafes.  We also frequently arrange picnics.  From markets or little local stores we can set up that everyone brings something; bread, cheese, meat, fruit, salads, sweets and we can usually find a bottle of wine to share.  Last year on our Girls to Greece tour on one of our free days we all met in the late afternoon around the pool and knew that another gorgeous sunset was about to happen for us in the next 2 hours. So we all just went down to the little market and picked up stuff and laid it all out by the pool and ate and talked well after the sun went down.  The spontaneity makes for some great memories.

However, after explaining all this I still hadn't addressed her concern.  She wanted to know if she might find herself having meals on her own.  I'm soooooo glad that I finally got the message !

I really don't know if there is anything special about the job of a tour group leader but whether it is me or any of my team we always, always let everyone know what we are doing for lunch and dinner and always invite everyone to join.  Any group leader's day doesn't end at 5pm.  We are on board and happy to enjoy the company of our participants through to the end of the day when it's time to turn in. She is now comfortable to reserve on our tour and to look forward not only to the tour but the assurance that she will always have several of us to enjoy meals with.

I hope that I have addressed this issue properly with anyone else with the same concern to allow them to take that leap of faith to come along with us to explore and discover this wonderful world.  Invariably most of the women who join us come as individuals and our groups are just too small to get lost in. So come along and enjoy the camaraderie.


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