Join our spa holiday in late winter

padovaEver thought of a 'Spa' Holiday?

For those of us who wish to get away at the end of winter and have no wish to lay on a beach or spend time in a casino a Spa Holiday can be just the thing to enjoy and to rejuvenate.  Along with our stay in a beautiful, historic spa town we will have daytrips to Venice, Verona, Padua, a castle for a wine tasting and an amazing shopping outlet.  Now this is a Break !

Even as we are still unpacking after our Bali Spa tour, we are putting the finishing touches on our next spa trip to northern Italy.

It is hard to believe that when we first attempted "Spa tours", 10 years ago, few North American had ever heard of them and even fewer were ready to embrace them.

More than 2200 years ago in ancient Rome, all had access to the spa. All citizens were able to use the hot springs usually with free access and the spa was a place for socializing as well as relaxing.

Wherever the Romans went, they searched for thermal waters and to this day a lot of these spas are still funtional (or restored for modern use) not only throughout Italy and France, but even as far as Bath, England.  To this day, European doctors believe in the curative powers of these waters and will prescribe a week at the 'waters' for the cure before giving medication. 

The spa we will be visiting in March is in northern Italy, in the volcanic highlands close to Venice, in an area famous for its thermal waters and luxury hotels.  We will stay in a 4-star hotel complete with 3 thermal pools where the water is cooled to a soothing 35 degrees celsius with hydromassaging jets aimed at the neck for cervical massage, and on the sides aimed at different parts of the legs and back to promote muscle tone.  In our rooms we will find 2 bathrobes per person, a blue one to be used at the pools and a white one to be used for the treatments.

There are many choices for treatments and our program includes a 200.00 Euro allowance to be applied to the massage/treatments of our choice.

Aside from the 'feel good' effect of massage, there are as many varied advantages to having one as there are types of massages.   Messages relax, soften and stretch weak, tight or overused muscles, reduce anxiety and depression, improve circulation, release endorphins that work as the body's natural painkiller and rejuvenate your soul.

Some of the treatments available here are Ayurveda, hot stone therapy, lymphatic drainage, anti-stress, cellulite massage and toning, just to name a few.

Buffet breakfast and gourmet dinners in our hotel are included every day.

We are in an area of Italy that boasts 13 'DOC' wines and is also famous for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Red Radicchio of Verona, the sweet Montagnana ham, white and green asparagus and many varied cheeses such as Grana Padano, Asiago and Montasio.

We have hired transportation that will take us on outings to visit some of these places in between our pampering sessions.

We shall visit Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.  Another day we shall go to Padua, one of the most important Art Cities in Italy boasting the wonderful Giotto frescoe-cycles. And, of course we will visit Venice, the Serenissima, which needs no introduction.

And, because no visit to Italy is complete without some shopping, we shall go to a newly discovered 'outlet' in this area that has wonderful prices on the latest fashions in clothes and shoes.  We will then celebrate our great finds by having lunch in a castle before returning to our base.

After the tour is over, why not relax a few more days in Venice if time permits, or visit Florence which is only a few hours away?  As a full service travel agency we are happy to assist with flights from your home city and add on any other arrangements you would like to complete this wonderful late winter break.

You are probably aware that our trips usually consist of small numbers of participants and space is limited, in this case a maximum of 7 participants 

So, if  you would like to get away on a wonderful break to have a great time and rejunvenate and be refreshed for Spring come along with us and reserve now.


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