Western Canada, we love you!

foursome western roadtrip twt introWe launched Today’s Woman Traveller by heading West and what a trip it was!!

Provincial borders crossed during our road show: 1
Cities visited on our western roadshow: 4
Kilometers travelled on our journey: 3,061
Meeting all the women who attended our presentations: Priceless !

It’s been 6 or 7 years since we’ve visited western Canada and this time we hit the road to introduce Today’s Woman Traveller.

We started in Vancouver where our intrepid tour leaders met up with Debbie Lloyd, founder/owner of Todays Woman Traveller:

Maggie Hamer was along on the adventure. Maggie's extensive background in both event management and tour planning means she is someone who pays attention to details. Maggie designs, organizes and leads tours to various worldwide destinations. She’s leading several Woman Traveller tours including Santa Fe, English Lakes, Greece and Andalusia, Spain.

Suzanne Bodner, was also along on the western trip. Suzanne, a retired teacher, has travelled extensively in England, France, Italy, Spain and North and Central America. Suzanne has taken on many leadership roles in planning local, regional and international events. From Italian heritage and tri-lingual, she’s especially at home travelling in France and Italy.

On this trip, we visited Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton and Calgary. In all locations, we were pleased to reconnect with past passengers and meet potential new ones.

We finished the trip with lots of good stories and varying insights. To best capture our individual views, here are a few question and answers from each of us:

Were there any of the 4 cities you’d never been to before? and if so, what was your impression of it/them?

Suzanne: Kelowna. It was beautiful driving into the city and seeing their lake for the first time. The lake’s very long with boats lined up at the long shoreline.
Maggie: Me too. Kelowna. I thought the downtown looked really cute but I didn’t get a chance to explore the core. That just means I’ll have to return to Kelowna again to do that!
Debbie: And also Kelowna for me.  Something we learned from talking to people in Kelowna: women outnumber men there by 3 to 1.

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Maggie: That’s easy - seeing the beautiful western Canada scenery.
Debbie: Meeting everyone who came out to our sessions and introducing them to what we do and the variety of women’s tours we offer. It’s fun to see how surprised women are that there are others just like themselves – women who want to travel, but don’t have someone to do it with.
Suzanne: I loved that we were on a summer road trip where we all had the same goal to promote Today’s Woman Traveller but we were doing it through a fun trip, getting to see Canada and getting to know and spend good time with three wonderful colleagues! All in one trip!

What’s the funniest thing that happened on the trip?

Suzanne: Heading toward the Rockies, it was amazing coming across a pre-historic wild west theme park in the middle of nowhere. It included statues of griffins and dinousaurs. We left our thoughts of work behind and turned into 4 little kids playing in the wild west. Such fun.

goat western canada300px

Maggie: Similar to Suzanne’s memory, I enjoyed the wild west park. What I remember being funniest though were the live goats going across a bridge so they could get fed at the end.
Debbie: I too loved the whole adventure of driving between our speaking locations it was like a family road-trip and that animal dinosaur stop really brought out the ‘kids’ in us.

What surprised you most on the trip?

bear western canada roadtrip300px

Suzanne: I laughed more on this trip than I’d laughed all year long.
Maggie: I was able to get a picture of a brown bear... here it is. It was also surprising that while I was taking the picture from within our car, other people were getting out of their cars to take a picture of it - a wild animal. Very risky, I thought.
Debbie: Coming across Merritt and visiting the Canadian Country & Western museum.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about one or all of your travelling teammates?

Maggie: I enjoyed getting to know Jeff and learning he was a very good cook.
Suzanne: For Debbie, I learned how generous (to both colleagues and clients) she is. And also she’s incredibly flexible - we were all helping with her presentation and when we made suggestions she was very open to hearing them. Jeff – I didn’t know him at all and learned what a great sense of humour he has and what a great cook he is. Maggie – I didn’t know her before going and we really connected. She’s very warm and very welcoming and was so helpful sharing her experiences in leading tours with me. We had some wonderful conversations.
Debbie: I loved the camaraderie of our Today’s Woman Traveller foursome. We so often get to travel with wonderful ladies, but we rarely get a chance to travel with each other. It just drives home to me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful team of tour leaders!

Yes, we loved the west. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!


Today’s Woman Traveller, was created for women who want to travel in small groups on tours to beautiful places. Led by knowledgeable leaders, Today’s Woman Traveller attracts women of all ages from Canada and internationally who travel solo or with others. Repeat tours include France, Italy, Africa and Asia but each year amazing new locations are offered. Today’s Woman Traveller is all about women travelling together, enjoying the camaraderie and security of small group tours.

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